My Services Include:

  • Surveying – GPS topographical of land parcels, channels, roads, gravel pits, retention ponds and watercourses ; Drone surveys and plotting of land terrain
  • Drafting – drain/channel profiles and cross-sections; road cross-sections; lot grading for residential houses; site servicing plan; complete set of engineered commercial building plans; complete set of engineered house plans
  • Expert witness – flooding claims and flood assessments; house insurance claims, mould remediation claims
  • Engineering assessment reports on insurance flood claims, landowner flood claims; house fire damage claims; mould remediation flood claims; Provincial and Federal flood damage claims submissions
  • House inspections
  •  Structural inspections of commercial and residential buildings, provide written engineering report of site inspection and recommendations to resolve structural issues and all other building repairs, such as foundation wall bracing, waterproofing and sealing of foundation and floor cracks, underpinning of basement wall foundations and engineering design of support beams. An Engineering certificate and detailed drawings outlining proposed remedial work is included in all proposed work.
  • Environmental assessment reviews on commercial development, residential development and drainage development
  • Watershed management planning for Rural Municipalities to enable development without adverse environmental impacts on adjacent and downstream land. Develop land use plans with associated infrastructure
  • Engineering design of channels, culverts, dikes, shoreline protection, baseball diamonds, ceremonial arbors, commercial buildings, residential houses, lot grading, site servicing, roads, water and sewer and land development
  • Compliance inspections of CMHC houses and any residential or commercial buildings; roads, water and sewer, septic tank/field installations
  • Project management supervision of all building construction, whether residential or commercial; renovations or new construction
  • Assist landowners and municipalities with Water Rights License applications, surface or tile drainage
  • Registered in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario

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